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Believing In You

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Believing in you is the key to a successful life. What is a successful life? It depends on who you talk to. Some say if all my bills are paid, then I am successful. No matter what your definition of a successful life may be; in order to live a life of abundance, you must fully believe in yourself and your ability. And have a willingness to get up several times, when you have failed or have experienced a setback while in pursuit of the life of your dreams.

Your belief can create a vision so big that you will not care how many times you fail at something. You will naturally keep going and will eventually get to where you want to go.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, I have experienced many losses and setbacks. This is not to sound discouraging, but hey it’s just life. Always be prepared to expect this to happen and when it does you have the power to believe this is not a failure just a setback for a comeback. By believing in yourself, your belief will be so strong, you will want to keep pushing forward. Believing in yourself can create happiness and more opportunities for you.

Here are 5 things I do to keep the fire burring under my feet:

1. I pray and ask that all things and people that are not for me be removed from my life.

2. I surround myself with positive people and like-minded people who have elevated in life.

3. I speak power and strength with my tongue. I speak what goal I want to manifest into existence.

4. I write down my vision and plan out how to achieve my goal.

5. I then move and shake my plan into existence, I research and keep learning new skills while I execute my plan into action.


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